Apr. 21, 2018
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Christine’s Hope Operation Backpack milestone

Christine Gianacaci

The Hopewell-based Christine’s Hope for Kids Foundation (CHFK), founded on the principle that every child deserves the chance to be a kid regardless of the circumstances, has just completed its latest campaign in a string of events to celebrate its five-year anniversary: Operation Backpack. The wildly successful Operation Backpack was inspired by the reality that many children do not have the supplies or resources needed for the upcoming school year. The Foundation’s goal was to fill hundreds of backpacks with pencils, paper, notebooks, and additional supplies to distribute to local kids in need throughout Mercer County.

The backpack initiative is an annual undertaking for CHFK, but this year’s Operation Back Pack exceeded all expectations with a goal of 1,005 backpacks, almost double of last year. With the help of 20 volunteers, 60 volunteer hours completed, 148 delivery miles driven, 1,005 backpacks filled, and 1,005 happy kids. In conjunction with New Jersey Women in Banking, The JM Group of Princeton and Noto Insurance Agency this was the Foundation’s largest backpack donation to date. With the support of the above sponsors and other countless donors and volunteers, each backpack contained a host of items in order to make each child feel special in addition to feeling prepared.

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Calendar of Events

A list of events throughout the region

9/11 Commemorations

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Lucy Graves McVicker One-Person Exhibition: “Imaginary Landscapes”

Courtesy image - Lucy Graves McVicker's Quiet Time - October

Lucy Graves McVicker’s one-person exhibition, “Imaginary Landscapes,” is on view in D&R Greenway’s Evelyne V. Johnson Room, now through September 25. Her Artist’s Reception, on Thursday, August 27, from 5 to 7 p.m., is free and the public is welcomed. To attend, This remarkable artist has also enormously impacted Princeton regional artists and art enthusiasts, serving often as juror and art teacher.

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Management team buys parent company of local WPST radio station

Petrus Holding Company, LP, a Perot Company, has joined with management to acquire Connoisseur Media, one of the nation’s fastest growing media companies. Based in Westport, Connecticut, Connoisseur operates 42 radio stations and digital assets in 12 markets across the U.S. The existing management team will continue to operate the stations, with Petrus as their financial partner.

Connoisseur has expanded rapidly over the last several years and maintains a strong presence in the "Golden Ring" media market surrounding New York City, including Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey.

Connoisseur Media NJ / PA General Manager Andrew Rosen is very excited about the changes. "This infusion of capital will allow Connoisseur Media to continue to invest in the resources that help us provide the best content for our audience," he said. "It will allow us to expand the tools for our advertisers to connect with potential consumers, to help the communities we serve and to retain, attract and develop the best talent."

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A delightful boutique in downtown Pennington

A lovely selection of beautiful headbands and belts

By Alicia M. Priore

At Flutter, a delightful boutique in downtown Pennington, found a lovely selection of beautiful headbands and belts. The perfect accessories to complete a romantic or boho chic look, priced from $16 to $46.

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Adopt Us

Bella is an eight year old calico with a sassy but sweet personality. She will curl up on any available lap and she loves napping in any little spot of sunshine she can find. She is a petite girl, and she is front declawed. Bella would be happiest in a home where she can be your one and only- without other pets or kids.

She is very energetic and loves attention, and she would love to be your sweet little companion. Please email Bella's foster mom if you are interested in meeting her.

Max, SAVE- Princeton

Max is a 4 year old Jack Russell mix. This handsome fella is eager to find a home that will give him the structure and exercise he needs. He’d be the perfect match for an active family with children over the age of eight that have a fort Knox style yard; he’s been known to put his enclosures through rigorous testing. With a proper introduction max could be homed with another four legged resident. If you’re looking for a dog with a big personality in a small package, ask to see Max.

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Things that matter

By Bradley Koltz

My father is dying. He's been fighting cancer for a while now and it looks like the fight is just about over. That's incredibly hard to write, but it is true just the same.

I hope you’ll indulge me in a brief tribute to my Dad while he's still with us, and I hope Dad will forgive the breaking of convention while I tell him and you how much he means to me.

Dad has always been a bigger than life character, doing incredible things that seem like they're from a bygone era, when adventurers and explorers opened new places or sought new opportunities.

Dad survived any number of things that would have bested much better men than me. Hurricanes at sea, ferocious ice storms, mutinous crews, armed thugs, dishonest business associates and crooked politicians to name but a few.

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 At Home

Are You Ready To Purchase a Home?

This May Be the Right Time for You

As I review the trends in the local real estate market I see a shift occurring from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market in the The Greater Princeton Area. So as a buyer what does this mean to you? A shift to a seller’s market means that you will have more qualified buyers competing to purchase the same home since a seller’s market is usually accompanied by low inventory. The TREND Multiple Listing System reports that in Mercer County in the month of May the number of homes available to purchase was 1984 compared to 1901 in May of 2014. This may not seem significant to you but this small percentage change has made an impact in the number of homes available for you to purchase in Princeton and the surrounding area. I frequently hear in the office real estate agents asking other agents if they have a new home coming on the market in a specific price range in a designated area for the buyer they are currently working with. The agent and their buyer have exhausted their search of the few homes that are currently available and are anxious to see any new inventory as soon as possible. I myself have several customers that are experiencing firsthand the shortage of available homes to purchase. For you as a buyer this shortage of inventory means that you must be working with a real estate agent that knows your needs, have a letter of pre-qualification by a mortgage representative, have your funds available, and chosen your real estate attorney so you will be able to go immediately from fully executed contract to attorney review.

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Coping with teen stress

An economic crisis such as our current recession can wreak havoc on overall health and family stability. Job loss, including loss of health insurance, home foreclosure, changes in lifestyle, inability to maintain memberships in clubs and social organizations, inability to continue private school tuitions, etc create stress in adults – to a greater or lesser degree, depending on how severe the financial strain. Research shows that large scale economic distress manifests itself increased substance use and abuse, depression, insomnia and eating disorders. As stress continues over time and the economy remains unpredictable, people experience more stress and make poorer decisions about their health.

Teenagers too, experience the effect of an unstable and unpredictable economic climate. In some cases, the affect of the economic challenge is obvious to them such as having a parent who has recently become unemployed now home every day, to seeing parents struggling to pay bills or make decisions about doing repairs in the home, as well as parents bemoaning their financial distress on a regular basis to the entire family.

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Ewing Hopewell 15U Boys take state championship

Ewing Hopewell 15U split a double header with West Windsor/Plainsboro to capture the Southern Division 15U Babe Ruth State Championship last Friday night, winning three consecutive games on the way.

Next stop is the Mid-Atlantic Regional Tournament.

Parents often ask how much of their financial worries should be shared with their children. While teens can participate in helping their own family cope with hard times, remember that they are still immature and it is NOT their responsibility to recue the family. Creating a sense of hope, providing positive action steps that can make a difference, and making expectations clear will help your teenager feel more able to cope with your stress and feel as if they are helping, but not responsible for solving the crisis.

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